McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Review

The McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner. A breath of fresh air (or should we call it vapor?) in the world of steam cleaning. The MC-1275 is a truly remarkable product when it comes to getting a job well done and everybody that owns one knows it. The  McCulloch company have outdone themselves time and time again when it comes to creating a quality portable steam cleaner that breaks away dirt and grime but doesn’t break the bank. It currently sits as the #1 Best Seller in Handheld Steamers on Amazon and has over 1,000 raving customer reviews. It is hard to find an unsatisfied customer when it comes to the MC-1275, and the reason is, there aren’t any! If you already own one then you know that the first time you fired your steamer up you instantly fell in love and couldn’t stop steaming everything in sight! This is common when first purchasing a steam cleaner and nobody can blame you. When A product like this enters your life, you fall in love with it from the very start. Watching the MC-1275 blast away dirt, grime, and the old chemical cleaner build up from over the years is a very rewarding experience and in that moment you become instantly hooked!


What Is The McCulloch MC-1275?

The MC-1275 is the first effort in portable steam cleaners from the company known as McCulloch. Though the company was based on the production of two-stroke gas engines and chainsaws, the recent years have brought an expansion of the company, and we couldn’t happier about it. Although a handheld steam cleaner can really be a great tool, we here at Steam, Clean, Renew! feel that once a user gets familiar with steam cleaning, that there is almost always a progression towards purchasing a multi-purpose steam cleaner like the McCulloch MC-1275.  Why you ask?

  • Extra Power: Not all steam cleaners are alike. While most handheld steam cleaners typically have a 1000 watt power source, the MC-1275 boasts a whopping 1500 watts. This means more steam, and faster heat up times.
  • Bigger Canister = Lots Of Steam: The MC-1275 holds up to 50 oz. of water per session, which can literally last you hours given the right circumstances.
  • Ease Of Use: There is no holding the MC-1275 for long periods of time. The unit sits on the ground and even has wheels attached for when you are moving to different areas. The steam trigger features a locking steam-control switch so you will not have to hold down buttons for long periods of times.

Above are just a few of the many reasons why this heavy duty steam cleaner is such an excellent tool. The economical aspect alone is mind boggling in itself. With a one-time purchase you are eliminating the need for any more harmful cleaning products that don’t actually clean your home. You simply fill the device up with water and turn on the power. Within minutes you are melting away dirt and grime, disinfecting and sanitizing, and it’s all being done with 200° of pressurized steam.

More Benefits Of The MC-1275

  • Clean Anything: No germs are safe when the MC-1275 is steaming away. Detail your cars and trucks, steam clean that dirty engine and watch it shine! Maybe you need to melt some grease off of your motorcycle, no problem. Remove tough stains that have plagued your carpets and upholstery for so many years and eliminate the need for tough scrubbing with dangerous chemicals that make a bigger mess.
  • Completely Eco-Friendly: The only thing on your shopping list should be the McCulloch MC-1275 Steam Cleaner and a gallon of distilled water. From there you can forget any chemical cleaners and just get to steaming. You will be amazed at the difference in the cleanliness of your home and the density of your wallet when you make the switch. Hundreds of satisfied customers can agree.
  • Fresh New Look: If you’ve read any other McCulloch steam cleaner reviews here, you know that we compare these workhorses to a yellow jacket wasp.  Their slick black and yellow design makes the McCulloch products a sight to see, yet once you fire one up and start blasting away germs and bacteria, you realize they have quite the sting.

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McCulloch Mc-1275 Steam Cleaner Attachments

  •  Steam Jet Nozzle: The steam jet nozzle included with the MC-1275 is our favorite attachment by far. Blast away dirt and grime with the pressurized steam and use this attachment for your details brushes. McCulloch Steam Cleaner
  • Nylon Utility Brushes: Great little detail brushes for scrubbing. Tough on dirt and grime but gentle enough not to scratch, though we always recommend to test an inconspicuous area before you start scrubbing!
  • Brass Utility Brushes: The toughest attachment included in the MC-1275 package. Use this only on things like your BBQ grills and the like. Remember testing inconspicuous areas is key!
  • Extension Wands: Get to those hard-to-reach places now with your steam cleaner. You can even turn your MC-1275 into a steam mop that performs just as well as any exclusive steam mop product.
  • Mop Head: Use the extension wands and attach the mop head to the base. Attach the microfiber pads included and have a perfectly working steam mop!
  • Triangle Brush: Get in those corners easily with this triangle brush attachment. This piece is also great for carpet spot removal.
  • Scrub Pad: A soft but abrasive tool. Great for scrubbing your showers, ovens, kitchen sinks, and more. Remember to test your areas first!

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McCulloch MC-1275 Steam Cleaner Manual: Click here if you already own a MC-1275 and just need user instructions.

mcculloch steam cleaner review

mcculloch heavy-duty portable steam cleaner

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