The Benefits Of Having A Steam Cleaner

The benefits of having a steam cleaner are far and wide. If you’ve seen some of our posts then you know that we are well aware of all the benefits they have to offer. After all, we have created a website dedicated entirely to their good use so although our posts may seem biased, we do offer honest reviews here. The problem with our honesty is that we really don’t see any disadvantages in owning a steam cleaner, so a negative report may be rare to see around here! It’s no secret that steam cleaning is the next best thing, you see them on the shopping network, bed bath and beyond, the list goes on.

It seems every product out there today is focused on being eco-friendly, organic, natural, and everything in between. That’s why steam cleaners are making their way through the mainstream. Steam cleaning offers a 100% natural and eco-friendly method of cleaning just about anything you can think of. With just a bit of water and electricity, a steam cleaner boils the water to a pressurized steam and voila, you have an incredibly simple yet effective cleaning agent.Steam Cleaning Tile

With all the health scares and trends, why would you want to take several steps back when it comes to keeping a clean home? Whatever the environment may be, it pays in the long run to keep your living environment clean and bacteria free. Whether you are looking to remove the bottles of bleach from your life, or even those disinfectant sprays that fill the air with a pungent chemical odor, a steam cleaner could be your answer. Today we will make our case for the benefits of a steam cleaner, so read on and get to steaming!

Benefits Of A Steam CleanerSteam Cleaning Is Eco-Friendly

  1. Eco-Friendly
  2. Cleans And Sanitizes Any Surface
  3. Powerful Stain Remover 
  4. Inexpensive Devices

So above we have just a few of what we think stand out as the most beneficial reasons for owning a steam cleaner. We don’t want to just leave you with a few bullet points and have you on your merry way. Let’s look at these reasons a little more in-depth and help you understand why they exist. Sit tight and keep reading!

1. Eco-Friendly

Nothing beats this very important point. Can it get any better then simply filling up your steam cleaner with clean water and turning on the device? We don’t think so. This is why we believe it is such an ‘eco-friendly’ investment. Not only are you investing in a generally cheap device (the very high-end steam cleaners do hike up in price) you are making the decision to no longer use potentially harmful cleaning products in your home. Now think of that carefully when we say ‘your home’. Your home should be a safe environment, a place to feel comfortable and at ease. But how could you possibly feel at ease when you are cleaning with health damaging products? And while those products appear to clean, what about the residue they are leaving behind? How could a small investment in a steam cleaner be beat by long term investments into harmful products?

The only cleaning ‘product’ you will ever have to use with a steam cleaner is water! Alternatively you can even make cheap home made cleaning products using just some vinegar and essential oils. A homemade cleaner used in conjunction with a steam cleaner is a winner! It’s cheap and easy, what are you waiting for?

2. Cleans And Sanitizes Any Surface

Have you seen some of our videos of what a steam cleaner can do to your home’s surfaces? If you haven’t then you definitely need to check out our video blog that contains videos of steam cleaners in action! Check Out Some Videos Here.

If you managed to check out a few of our steam cleaning videos, you have seen that the power of steam is unlimited. With some pressurized steam, dirt and grime melts away. Not only can you see the difference, you will feel and smell the difference! Yes, we said smell. Do not be surprised to smell old food in the air after you have swiped over certain surfaces of your home. With regards to smells when it comes to steam cleaning, a great trick to know you have steamed and sanitized an area is to steam a particular spot for at least 5 seconds, or until you can no longer smell any odor coming from the surface you are cleaning. This may gross some people out but after some usage of your steam cleaners, you will learn to appreciate that your tool is effectively cleaning your entire home.

3. Powerful Stain Remover

With a steam cleaner, old and stubborn stains are a thing of the past. It is now easier than ever to have a completely versatile spot remover just using a bit of water and hot steam. With a triangle brush attachment and a cheap microfiber towel you can start effectively removing all those stains you thought were never possible to get out. Triangle Brush Steam Cleaner Attachment

If you are looking for an easy way to get started removing stains with steam, just grab your triangle brush and microfiber towel, attach them both, activate the steam, and apply pressure while scrubbing the stained area. Keep checking your work to see that you are properly cleaning the soiled area. Have a dry towel on hand to wipe up the moisture in the area you are steam cleaning. After you have wiped the excess moisture, leave your area to dry and enjoy a stain-free home!

Try this recipe next time you plan on steam cleaning! Add 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water to a spray bottle. Spray the vinegar and water solution onto areas you plan to steam clean. Let the mixture sit for at least 2 minutes and steam away. Don’t worry about the vinegar stinking up your house, the smell will eventually go away and you will have a squeaky clean home. Give the homemade cleaner even more of a kick and add some essential oils to the mixture. Not only will the essential oils add a nice scent, they will bring down the initial odor of the white vinegar. Our favorites are lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, and tea tree oil. All of these essential oils contain natural disinfectant properties. Click here to check them out on Amazon.

4. Steam Cleaners Are Inexpensive!

Have you read some of our reviews here at All of our steam cleaner reviews are based on mostly devices under $200. That is dirt cheap when comparing all the money you will spend in a life time on expensive cleaning products. Remember we talked about our health concerns as well? Even if the price tag seems like a bit much the idea is to think of it as a long term investment! Not only will you fall in love with your steam cleaner, but your family will too. They will be just as amazed as you are when you are melting away dirt and grime all over your home. It is going to surprise you when you see all the gunk you are removing. Have a look below at some cheap steam cleaners on amazon. These are some of the best selling steam cleaners out there and they are cost friendly as well.


We here at feel that all steam cleaning products are excellent. Health is our first priority when it comes to our loved ones and home. That’s why we feel the need to share the benefits of steam cleaners with you all. In a world so full of potentially harmful chemicals everywhere you look, we think its so important to keep you and your home as free of these chemicals as possible. That’s where steam cleaning comes in! Get rid of the bleach, the cleaners, and just use some steam to sanitize and clean your home. You won’t regret it!

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